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Uber for Members

Uber for Members

With the increasing costs associated with our aging club bus, and the dwindling demand for its use, it was no longer viable for the club to reinvest in a new vehicle or continue with this service. But in keeping with the times, and with an eye to the future, the club has ensured that transport is still available to members. While it’s not yet a driverless car, we are happy to introduce Uber for Members.

This initiative will provide members with a more convenient, reliable and flexible way to get to and from the club with only a marginal
increase in costs (and still less than regular Uber or taxi fares).

All you have to do to start utilising this great membership benefit is:-
• Be a current club member
• Have a smart phone
• Register with the club to join Uber for Members
• Download the special Uber app that we’ll send to you to confirm your home address and verify your travel zone
• Maintain a $20 balance on your membership card (which can easily be topped up at the bar whenever needed)
And then you’re ready to go!

The introductory pricing is based on the current amount of bus users.


We offer free parking for up to 80 cars. Limited on-street parking is also available in the area.

Please note our car park is shared with our neighbours, St Catherine’s Greek Church, and is available for patrons attending the club or church only.

Out of respect for our community, we must stress that it is not available for casual parking.  The car park is monitored and offending cars will be stickered. Reoffending cars will be towed at the owner’s expense.