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Secret Sound

Secret Sound

For your chance of guessing the Secret Sound you must be a member of the Club and spend $10 or more over the Bar on Thursday / Friday from 4pm. (Must swipe membership card during transaction).

5 members drawn each Thursday & Friday. Members given two minutes to identify themselves when drawn. Must be in venue at time of draw.


  • It has a lid
  • If you fill it with water, it will hold it

Incorrect guesses;

  • Tennis racket hitting a tennis ball
  • Popping a packet of chips
  • Unlocking a door lock
  • Putting a schooner down on a bar top
  • Popping a bottle
  • Rewinding a VHS tape
  • Slapping a poker machine button
  • Shutting a till drawer
  • Clicking a door shut
  • Closing a gate
  • Opening a can of soft drink
  • Closing a laptop
  • Flamenco dancer stomping foot on floorboards
  • Judge slamming a gavel
  • An echo of someone yelling ‘Oi’
  • Opening a suit case
  • Firing a nail gun
  • Hitting a nail with a hammer
  • Hitting a tennis ball
  • Someone breaking wind
  • Firing a pistol
  • Slamming of a book
  • The clip in a till draw
  • Someone being slapped
  • Screen door closing
  • Knife hitting a chopping board
  • Stapling a piece of paper
  • Unlocking a door
  • Undoing a clip
  • A stapler going off
  • Opening of a brief case
  • Closing a bucket
  • A pedal bin lid closing
  • A kettle lid popping
  • A garbage bin lid closing
  • An esky lid closing